The aim of the workshop is to bring together young researchers from different disciplines and provide them with an opportunity to discuss their papers and ongoing research.

The workshop will feature three Keynote Speeches by renowned scholars.

The conference will include presentations on the Economics of Innovation, Science, Complexity and Knowledge . We encourage participants to apply with works from a wide range of methods and subdisciplines, fitting into these topics. Participants will have the chance to present one paper during the Workshop. They also will have the opportunity to receive helpful feedbacks from distinguished faculty members and external scholars. A senior researcher is going to lead a 10 minutes discussion of the paper after the presentation.

To apply for the Workshop, applicants must submit an extended abstract of the paper (maximum 3 pages). The full paper will be required a couple of weeks before the Workshop. See below for futher details about the application.

The workshop will take place on December 13–14th, 2023 at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin. Registration to the workshop will require a 50 euros fee, covering lunch and coffee breaks and a social dinner.


Tom Brökel

Tom Brökel is a Professor in Regional Innovation at the University of Stavanger Business School, Norway. He is also Board member of the Nordic Section of the Regional Science Association (ERSA). Professor Brökel's research is focused on geography of innovation, knowledge networks, analysis of R&D policy, methods of social network analysis, regional innovation systems, and renewable energies, tourism. His teaching encompasses courses on Innovation Studies, Economic Geography, Advanced Statistics, Social Network Analysis, and the Geography of Innovation.

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Stan Metcalfe

Stan Metcalfe is Emeritus Professor at the University of Manchester and a visiting Professor at the University of Queensland. He has influenced UK science policy, contributing to ACARD and ACOST, and was part of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. His research focuses on evolutionary economics, including innovation, competition, and growth modeling. He led the International Schumpeter Society and the Manchester Statistical Society. In 2008, he headed the British Association for the Advancement of Science, and was a Fellow at Curtin University of Technology. He's a Fellow of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences, delivered the inaugural Franco Momigliano lecture on Innovation and Complexity at the University of Turin, and advised the Australian government on the Australian National Innovation System. He received an Honorary Doctorate of Economics from the University of Gothenburg in 2018.

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Reinhilde Veugelers

Reinhilde Veugelers is full professor in the Department of Management, Strategy, and Innovation at KULeuven. She holds the status of Senior Fellow at Bruegel since 2009, is a CEPR Research Fellow, and a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and Academia Europeana. She is non-resident fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. She advised the European Commission at BEPA (2004-2008) and contributed to the ERC Scientific Council (2012-2018) and RISE Expert Group. She's part of VARIO, advising the Flemish minister for Innovation and serves on the Board of Reviewing Editors for Science journal. A co-PI on NBER's Science of Science Funding Initiative, her research covers industrial organization, international economics, innovation, and science. She's a prolific author with publications in top international journals, exploring diverse topics like technology novelty, innovation chains, and research policy evaluation.

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Dates and deadlines

Date Deadline

10th October 2023

17th October 2023!

Abstract submission
November 2023 Abstract acceptance and registration
December 2023 Full paper submission

Scientific Committee

  • Professor Cristiano Antonelli (Università di Torino)
  • Professor Alessandra Colombelli (Politecnico di Torino)
  • Professor Magda Fontana (Università di Torino)
  • Professor Aldo Geuna (Università di Torino)
  • Professor Francesco Quatraro (Università di Torino)
  • Professor Alessandra Scandura (Università di Torino)


The workshop will take place at the Collegio Carlo Alberto building in Piazza Arbarello, 8 (Turin), which formerly hosted the School of Economics of the University of Turin.

The Collegio Carlo Alberto is a foundation created in 2004 as a joint initiative of the Compagnia di San Paolo and the University of Torino. Its mission is to foster research and education in the social sciences, in accordance with the values and practices of the international academic community.

Previous editions

Edition Keynote Speakers Organizers
10th Ron Boschma, César Hidalgo, Simona Iammarino Enrico Bergamini, Giacomo Gallegati, Roberto Moncada, Guido Pialli, Margherita Tambussi
9th Elena Cefis, Francesca Medda Enrico Bergamini, Roberto Moncada, Giuseppe Pernagallo, Guido Pialli, Margherita Tambussi
8th Luigi Marengo, Maria Savona, Natalia Zinovyeva Giulia Chersoni, Daniel de Souza, Eleonora Priori, Guido Pialli, Giuseppe Pernagallo
7th Stefano Breschi, Neave O’Cleary, Tommaso Ciarli Giulia Chersoni, Daniel de Souza, Eleonora Priori, Guido Pialli
6th Massimo Riccaboni, Giovanni Marin, Ernest Miguelez Carlo Bottai, Fabrizio Fusillo, Martina Iori, Anna Velyka, Anna Novaresio, Giulia Chersoni, Daniel de Souza, Eleonora Priori
5th Frank Neffke, Torsten Heinrich Carlo Bottai, Fabrizio Fusillo, Martina Iori, Francesco Trentini, Anna Velyka
4th Johan Bollen, Davide Consoli, Elisa Giuliani Gianluca Orsatti, Matteo Tubiana, Massimiliano Coda Zabetta
3rd Flaminio Squazzoni, Marco Vivarelli, Ulrich Witt Alexander Jordan, Nadine Marmai, Paolo Racca
2nd Uwe Cantner, Luigi Orsenigo, Pietro Terna Tommaso Panini, Silvia Rocchetta
1st Cristiano Antonelli, Dirk Czarnitzki Cristoph Feder, Emilio Raitieri, Ilaria Bertazzi, Manuel Toselli, Rodrigo Kataishi


Only PhD Students can apply?

While PhD Students are the main target of the Workshop, also 1st-year Post-docs and last-year Master Students are welcome to apply.

If I don't have a full paper yet, can I apply anyway?

Each participant has to present something, because the spirit of the event is to create a community that shares ideas and research questions. While the deadline for extended abstracts is in early October, the deadline for the full paper will be in early December.

Can I attend the Workshop without presenting?

Unfortunately, we cannot welcome non-presenting participants. The workshop is meant for early-career researchers wanting to get valid feedback on their work in progress. Therefore, each participant is supposed to present.

Will you publish the final papers?

No, the final papers will be shared only with the senior discussant that is in charge of your session, in order to give you a proper feedback.

How can I reach out to you?

Feel free to write to